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Connection with investors

  1. A Center for businesses in the technology, education, health, infrastructure and sustainability (water, construction, energy) industries
  2. Development of businesses for investments
    1. Revitalization and expansion of companies
    2. New businesses design and modeling
    3. Education and training for entrepreneurs
  3. Participation in businesses

Consultancy – program intended for productivity and results

Revitalization of public, private and third sector organizations.

We prepare private companies, public institutions and third sector organizations with a focus on: increasing productivity; execution of strategic guidelines; special projects design; innovation projects; process revitalization; support to leaders; preparation of high performance teams.

Technical advice – our specialized team develops diagnosis and analysis for start-up companies, projects, programs and government actions.

Business for social impact

Impact investing refers to “investment in companies that have the intent to cause positive social impact, in addition to obtaining financial returns.”* We live in a time where social transformation and projects for sustaining life on the planet will become a priority, not only for countries and third sector organizations, but for society as a whole. This way, businesses that generate not only economic gains but also social returns will create the new agenda for the 21st century.

We work with:

  1. Identification and assessment of impact projects
  2. Design and monitoring of social businesses
  3. Tools for achieving economic and social results
  4. Advice regarding impact investing

(*) Produced Impact Investment Report – Rockefeller Foundation, J. P Morgan and GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network)

Who know

Customers, partners and supporters. Institutions that are familiar with our work.
Foto de Dr. Ivan Trilha
Dr. Ivan Trilha

Consultant and writer of the best-seller “O Poder da Mente”

MVI BANK is an extraordinary contribution to the technology and the new human being on the planet.

Foto de Prof. Dr. Iran Siqueira Lima
Prof. Dr. Iran Siqueira Lima


MVI is a partner in FIPECAFI projects and has shown great quality and commitment to delivery and results.

Foto de Dr. Marcos Sant’Anna
Dr. Marcos Sant’Anna

Chairman of Sant'Anna Group

Through its experienced staff, MVI Bank has proposed and has proved itself able to manage the relationships between a business and its potential investors in every possible aspect, including the supplier side, client side and several support processes, such as commercial, finances, controllership, processes and the full range of management support.

Foto de Roberto Liberato
Roberto Liberato

Co-Founder and CSO at Expertise - Market Research

I had the opportunity to work with MVI during the deployment of the strategic plan in a company. MVI created a Center in which we began to monitor all target-projects. They played a key role in order for us to achieve significant results.


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Itaim Bibi - São Paulo - SP CEP 04531 010
  • +55 (11) 2386-2945